A weekend for women 

An all-inclusive weekend event created especially for Women to reconnect body, mind and soul.


To restore your inner fire we will explore a variety of connection points from the power of mindfulness and breath, kettlebell skills, self-defence and empowerment, yoga, cold water therapy, movement and embodiment work, journaling, storytelling and nourishing food all whilst being in the wild wonder of a spectacular environment. 

 DATES: 16-18 April 2021 - SOLD OUT


Private Rooms $1250pp

TwinShare Rooms $950pp

Triple Share Rooms $750pp

"Imagine a woman who honors the body of the Goddess in her changing body. 
A woman who celebrates the accumulation of her years and her wisdom. 
Who refuses to use her life-energy disguising the changes in her body and life. 


Imagine a woman who values the women in her life. A woman who sits in circles of women. 
Who is reminded of the truth about herself when she forgets. 


Imagine yourself as this woman." 


Patricia Lynn Reilly, 1995. 



Just 90mins from Geelong on one of the best drives in the World, Seacroft Estate is an historic former monastery set on 15 acres overlooking the Great Ocean Road.


It is a stunning venue with so much soul to it.


Seacroft has simple, clean and comfortable bedrooms, large communal spaces including an old Chapel, historic lounge and dining room, kitchens, sunroom plus extensive gardens and lawns. 


It truly is the location that really make this place something quite unique with dramatic 180 degree ocean views and direct beachfront access.


Seacroft is absolutely breathtaking. 


  • 2 night’s accommodation (private or shared room options) 

  • All meals including afternoon tea on arrival, Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast, lunch and heaps of extra snacks!

  • Gathering ceremony (welcome and releasing circle) plus a closing reflective ceremony

  • Daily Yoga – dynamic and restorativ

  • Workouts – skill, strength and conditioning

  • Life Coaching

  • Movement and Embodiment session/s 

  • Light the Fire Within Breath workshop and Ice Bath

  • Journaling – exploring the stories that hold you back

  • Fireside Story Sharing – inspirational speakers 

  • Nature walks and Ocean Dips 

  • Thoughtful gifts to assist you on your onward journey

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The Team

Louise is a Personal Trainer with 10 years Industry experience with a focus on female-specific training. With a background in Theatre and Publishing and a lifelong exploration of moving her body in strong and dynamic ways, Louise brings a unique blend of skills that allows women to see the potential and strength within themselves.


A true empath Louise has been on a journey of self-discovery for many years which has now led her to create “Whispers of the Wild – a weekend for Women”. This Event is driven from a desire to produce a content dense, accessible weekend for all Women seeking that 'missing something' in their lives. Women who want a true connection with themselves, who are willing to get curious and explore new practices and to do so in a safe and welcoming community will find it at Whispers.

Louise has always sought solace in the restorative powers of the natural world and its ability to ground, align and connect us back to ourselves. Her personal exploration of cold water therapy in mountain streams, winter oceans, waterfalls, and ice baths has had a deeply impactful influence on Louise and has driven her to share not only this natural, restorative power of water but so much more.  


By combining her love of nature with her and Personal Training work Louise has created several unique health & fitness programs including Strong Fit Mums, Wild Women Sunrise Sessions, Eagle Soar and Rising Fierce, as she lifts women up - empowering them to live fully dynamic lives at all ages and stages of Womanhood.

Louise is committed to see Women experience connected and conscious lives while they navigate the ever changing landscape of their female body.  

A Movement and Fitness Coach, creatrix, collaborator, truth teller, Mum of Two, self-confessed crystal lover, Louise is here, ready to help you reconnect and RISE!

Taryn cannot be with us for the April 2021 Event as she's due to have her 3rd child however, she will be contributing remotely to our intimate gathering. As a Women’s Physiotherapist specializing in Pre and Postnatal, Core and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, Movement and Exercise plus Embodiment Therapy. 


Quite simply, Taryn helps you to know and understand your body better, so that you can heal physically & emotionally from the inside out.


She believes: 

  • In showing you how, rather than telling you that you can't. 

  • That when you are in deep connection with your body, your body will show you the way. 

  • That you deserve to feel really, really good in your body.

Taryn’s therapeutic approach is a  unique blend of holistic therapy. Think science meets soul!  

Her study as a Women's Physiotherapist; experience as a  Mother; passion and resilience as an  athlete; daily dedication to  movement and mindfulness,  and her continued commitment to self-development, is what makes Taryn the therapist that she is. 

Taryn’s passion is to help women to  deeply connect with their physical body,  to  strengthen their mind-body connection and to understand their  mind-body mindset  so that they can  feel at home in their bodies.


She says “To me, there is nothing better than witnessing a woman  accessing her own's body's wisdom - however that may look for her.”  



As the owner of Ultimate Functional Fitness and Head Instructor at Cobden Zen Do Kai Martial Arts, Tania has spent the last 26 years helping people stay active through martial arts and fitness.


When she’s not in the gym or the dojo, she’s traveling the country to learn from the best, ensuring she keeps her own knowledge up to date and passes that on to her clients and students.


She is currently studying a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) and is passionate about empowering women and children.  In 2018, Tania co-founded the Double D Project, an initiative to help young men and women in rural communities access resources and information not always easily accessible in country areas.


Her enthusiasm for helping others along with state leadership roles in the martial arts community has led to her being appointed a dual position with a global non-profit organization, The 4North Project, where she is on the Board of Directors and also the Director of Empowerment.


Tania has developed an Empowerment and Personal Protection Program for women, children and young men in countries devastated by natural disasters and poverty. Tania and her husband Peter, live in Tesbury and have two children (and four fur kids!). 

Fiona is a dedicated yoga student of more than 20 years. Having experienced what a yoga practice can offer in helping herself and others through life’s ups and downs, and wanting to share this gift with others, she embarked on yoga teacher training.


Fiona  is now a registered Iyengar Yoga teacher trainee, training under a Senior teacher from Ballarat. Bringing her background as a Physiotherapist to her skills as a yoga teacher Fiona is able to provide you with a safe introduction to yoga or assist you with developing your practice.


More than anything Fiona hopes that on the weekend you catch a glimpse of the less tangible benefits of yoga; while yoga is often perceived to be all about the physical body it is in fact for the mind. Fiona first met Louise when their oldest children were in kinder together and is excited to contribute to the Whispers Weekend.

"If you can stand on your mat for yoga and you have available at least fifteen minutes, you truly are a lucky person. That alone is a priceless gift and a tool to improve your life, which not many have. With these thoughts have a sense of gratitude for what is available to you. Get to practice."  - BKS Iyengar 



Meghann is a mother, coach, writer and creator with over a decade’s experience.  She works intuitively with clients to help them do the DEEP WORK that needs to be done for true authenticity and joy to flourish. 


A huge piece of her work is unpacking and examining the powerful role that storytelling plays in our lives.

As a transformation Coach, Meghann leads participants through a process of identifying parts of the story they’re telling themselves (how does it shape their current reality?), taking a good, hard, honest look at the roles they’re playing (victim, hero, villain?) and how they can rewrite the script to empower and embolden themselves moving forward.

“What! You too? I thought I was the only one” kinda sums up the moment when a friendship was born between Meghann and Louise – a friendship that has forged something special for the Women of Whispers to experience! 

Travelling the country sharing his passion for the life-changing power of the breath, Mark is a certified breath practitioner and leader in Rites of Passage, he shares his excitement for life with thousands of seekers.


With his work he aims to inspire you to be your true authentic self, wear your heart on your sleeve and help you light a fire within.


Mark is one of the ancient messengers amongst us, his natural ability to share stories story alongside his deep desire to help build strong communities through shared experiences, make him naturally aligned with the work we do at Whispers – we are very honoured to have him on board as one of our collaborators.