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Hey Woman,

A huge heartfelt welcome to you.


I’m so glad you are here to reconnect with your body and fire up your soul!

At 45 I am finally beginning to figure all this out. A challenging transition into Motherhood gifted me with a complete shift of how I see and respond to my physical body as well as opening up a connection to myself as a Woman, that I never knew existed.

With a lifetime of training myself and over a decade coaching hundreds of other women, I know that we are magnificent beings but that we've lost a vital inner connection to ourselves. The female body is in a constant state of change and needs a relationship with exercise, nutrition and soul work that is just as adaptable.


We deserve to be honoured for who we are, as we are, not as we are expected to be. Each of our bodies are unique with our own, often complicated, relationship with how our body moves and functions. I love getting stuck into this with my clients and helping them reclaim the functionality and strength in their bodies and move toward a redefined relationship with their physical AND their spiritual selves - because that inner landscape is our vital force!

As a Geelong based Personal Trainer / Womens Health and Movement Coach, I can help you to move freely, feel stronger and be fitter so that you can live an empowered life. For me having a solid foundation of strength and fitness is a form of expression and an essential way to connect with who I am as a woman.

The training I offer is grounded in research, expertise and knowledge, and offered in a style that is intuitive and able to address your individual needs. Workouts are progressive and sustainable combinations of moving your body in both supportive and dynamic ways. Sessions with me are created for mind, body and soul to achieve multidimensional results. And yes, that means you get both fitter and stronger but , more importantly, you get out of pain and discomfort.

As I move now into Perimenopause, with Menopause just around the corner, I am having to learn and adapt once more and I'm excited to meet this next phase of my life. My Crone years are ahead with all the power and potency that they bring when we allow ourselves to work with and not against our bodies. 

Louise x