About Me 

Hey Woman

A huge heartfelt welcome to you! I’m so glad you are here to reconnect with your body. 


At 44 I am finally beginning to figure all this out. It was my transition into Motherhood that gifted me with a complete shift of how I see and respond to my physical body as well as opening up a connection to myself as a Woman, that I never knew existed.

However, the female body (mother or not) is in a constant state of change and needs a relationship with exercise that is just as adaptable.


Women are not small men!


We deserve to be honoured for who we are, as we are, not as we are expected to be. Each of our bodies are unique with our own, often complicated, relationship with how our body moves and functions. I love getting stuck into this stuff with my clients and helping them reclaim the functionality and strength in their bodies and move toward a redefined relationship with their physical selves.

As a Geelong based Personal Trainer / Womens Health and Performance Coach, I can help you to move freely, feel stronger and be fitter so that you can live an empowered life. For me having a solid foundation of strength and fitness is a form of expression and an essential way to connect with who I am as a woman.

Louise x

The training I offer is grounded in research, expertise and knowledge, and offered in a style that is intuitive and able to address your individual needs.

I will NEVER sacrifice your longevity for performance.  In other words, while I will encourage you to challenge yourself and try new things, I also know that many of us are training through a state of rehabilitation. In order to reconnect with our bodies and then to be able to move well for a long time - this is the foundation from which we build.

"Louise is an amazing PT. Her knowledge is exceptional, her approach to training phenomenal. I love my 1:1's. Louise knows how to push me in just the right way, helping me get moving properly again after a few years of immobility and injury. So happy I found Louise!"

- Louise