Personal Training



We all need that extra support, guidance and motivation. To have someone who believes in you and what you can achieve.

Personal Training is far more than a 45min session together - it’s goal setting, accountability and heaps of education. After an initial complimentary phone consult, we meet for a one-hour session to ensure it feels like the right fit for you.  

Then we start on a journey of transformation – not just aesthetically but mentally and emotionally too.


We reconnect you and your body and expand your horizons with what you can accomplish with a well moving and strong, capable body. 

In your PT Sessions we not only build FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT but also the JOY and APPRECIATION for your body’s capabilities.

Moving your body is a means to reconnect with the energy within, and to transform and free ourselves in ways that go far beyond just the aesthetic.


Movement is a way to experience the ultimate empowerment and sense of freedom in our bodies.


How we express that still demands that we honour the science – building strength and fitness in a way that supports your body.


However, this is just the beginning.  We all need to move, move more and move well. Your journey to recalibrate your relationship with exercise begins with knowing yourself - addressing your weaknesses, harnessing your strengths and doing the work.


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