Events & Gatherings

Natures playground, from ocean to forest, beach to waterfall, it offers us the perfect place to re-energize and reconnect in a social, fun and explorative way. 

Sessions are aligned with the energy of the seasons from Summer Solstice, to Winter Solstice  and everything in-between. 

Vitamin N is the missing link to our deep primal connection to ourselves and the land we live on - Sunrise Sessions will bring you HOME once again.

Saturday Sunrise HR-21.jpg

Sunrise Sessions are a holistic time-out experience  specifically designed for weary Women wanting more.

Being immersed in nature as the sun rises it is a beautiful way to reconnect with your body, soul and mind.

We use slow movements and breath work to begin before increasing the intensity to explore bodyweight movements in a variety of ways, utilizing the natural environment before finishing with a closing ceremony and community connection often with warm drinks and delicious food!

Sunrise Sessions are where that little bit of ‘WILD’ in your Soul gets to come out and play!

Events scheduled throughout the year and Private Bookings also welcome. 

Winter Solstice Event

It's time to reconnect with your inner flame, to sit in the dark stillness of the season and bring back your light. Winter Solstice is our annual tipping point, a magical time for us to balance our body, mind and spirit as we honour the shortest day and longest night of the year. We will gather together on land at dusk and through the weaving of ancient and modern practices we will rejuvenate our weary selves and shine brightly once more.

- breath practices
embodied movement work
- guided meditations
- cold plunging & water release work
- fire & light rituals
- sacred circle & drumming
- coeur cacao ceremony
- Plus much more magic! 


“I allow myself to release all that no longer serves. I have learnt my lessons and I'm ready to step into my truth and authenticity, leaving behind all that no longer serves.”