How Do I Work?

I am a Womens Health and Performance Coach for ALL Women (especially Mums). You can access my Coaching via several avenues and price points. 

Womens Events - RECONVENE 27/06/21

Womens Events - RISING FIERCE 08/08/21

Whispers of the Wild – weekend Event for Women 

Small-Group Personal Training

One-to-One Personal Training 

EAGLE SOAR online Coaching

Presenter and Public Speaker

Together we will build your strength and fitness to overcome injury, pain, and discomfort for a long-term, sustainable relationship with  exercise where your spiritual wellbeing is honored as much as your physical health.


  • Identifying and addressing weaknesses or imbalances in the body through targeted and prescriptive rehabilitation (in conjunction with other Allied Health Professionals).  Getting to know yourself in a whole new way: what feels good, how do you like to move, reclaiming your right to move because it FEELS GOOD, ENERGISES and EMPOWERS you.


  • Finding your MED (minimal effective dose) of exercise in order to achieve your goals and keep you moving well and maintaining strength.  Minimal effective dose means the LEAST amount of exercise you need to get to where you want to go because there is a big epic life out there for you to live beyond the gym.



  • BE BOLD:  This is where you really get to benefit from the hard work you’ve put in and see where you want to go next.  Do you want a physical challenge? To try a new sport? To chase a great, big scary fitness goal? Let’s do it! 


Do you want to explore how this newfound ease and flow in your physical body relates to your mental and emotional wellbeing and strength? Check out my special event and let’s explore together.

The Wild-Hearted Women – a journey in steps.


A decade of training Women has developed a unique approach to the WILD-HEARTED WOMEN workouts based on progressive and sustainable combinations of moving your body in both supportive and dynamic ways.


I create workouts for mind, body, and soul that achieve multidimensional results. And yes, this means you get both stronger and fitter but, more importantly, you get out of pain and discomfort.


Using the latest fitness intelligence, I work with you and your body to help increase overall performance. Together, we create and implement strategies to transform your relationship with your body and the way you move it and help you achieve your fitness goals. 


"Unlike some other trainers, Louise meets you where you’re at, whether that means working with injury or illness (or a cranky baby) and while pushing you to find your limits there was never any pressure to go beyond them.  After two terms with Louise, I am stronger, fitter, more in tune with my body and more confident"

- Melissa

Small-Group Personal Training

Don’t get lost in loud noisy classes, experience personal coaching in small group environments to ensure your individual needs are catered for. Our group numbers are capped which means you get quality coaching during every session and get results faster.


With a variety of different class styles from those initial steps returning to exercise, getting back into the gym with weight training and bodyweight Sweat Sessions, we have your needs covered.


PLUS babies and kids also welcome at the majority of our sessions. These small friendly environments are the perfect way to build confidence in yourself within a nurturing community of like-minded Women.

Wild Women Sunday Sessions

Moving beyond the four walls of the gym these workouts are a powerful way to re-energize and recharge in a dynamic and fun way. 

Wild Women Events are a holistic ‘time out’ experience  specifically designed for weary Women wanting more. Being immersed in nature as the sun rises it is a beautiful way to reconnect with your body, soul and mind.


We use slow movements and breath work to begin before increasing the intensity to explore bodyweight movements in a variety of ways, utilizing the natural environment before finishing with a closing ceremony and community connection with coffee and breakfast.

These Fitness Sessions are where that little bit of ‘WILD’ in your Soul gets to come out and play!

One-to-One Personal Training

Sometimes we all that extra support, guidance and motivation. To have someone who believes in you and what you can achieve.


Personal Coaching is far more than a 45min session together - it’s goal setting, accountability, challenging and empowering. After an initial complimentary phone consult, we meet for a one-hour session to ensure it feels like the right fit for you.


Then we start on a journey of transformation – not just aesthetically but mentally and emotionally.


We reconnect you and your body and expand your horizons with what you can accomplish with a well moving and strong body. 

Presenter & Public Speaker

After presenting at The Glitter Project Collective and Co-hosting several smaller events, Louise has realized she has a natural flair for Public Speaking. Harnessing her background in Theatre with her natural energy around the topic of movement and exercise she brings a fresh edge to the ever-changing landscape of Fitness and Exercise for all Women. 

Are you looking to add something different to a stuffy corporate event or even just gathering a bunch of friends together for an informal evening of fun and connection? Louise can take you on a journey of discovery packed full of enlivened insights and powerful permission to be YOU.