I'm a Personal Trainer for women who seek 

a deeper connection to strengthen 

body & soul from Motherhood into Midlife.

I work with Women who seek physical strength and fitness plus inner wellbeing as a means to live a more energetic and empowered life.

For so many women, our relationship with exercise has become distorted and dysfunctional


What if there was a way to move that brings you back to FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT but also JOY and APPRECIATION for your body’s capabilities? 


Moving your body is a means to reconnect with the energy within, and to transform and free ourselves in ways that go far beyond just the aesthetic. Movement is a way to experience the ultimate empowerment and sense of freedom in our bodies. How we express that still demands that we honour the science – building strength and fitness in a way that supports your body. However, this is just the beginning. 


We all need to move, move more and move well. 


Your journey to recalibrate your relationship with exercise begins with knowing yourself - addressing your weaknesses, harnessing your strengths and doing the work!


I will not rescue you, for you are not powerless.

I will not fix you, for you are not broken.

I will not heal you, for I see you in your wholeness.

I will walk with you through the darkness,

As you remember your light.



 About Me 

Hi, I'm Louise.


I'm on the hunt for the Woman I've not yet become.


I'm speaking my truth as I go and I'm not sticking to the traditional fitness path. I blend my love of lifting iron with embodied movement practices all wrapped up in nature and energetics. 

Conversations with me can fluidly weave between nutritional goals to breathing techniques onto technical lifting cues and how to adapt movements around your compromised pelvic floor/knees/lower back and beyond into the immense power of grounding your body into nature to live a fully connected experience!


It's an epic adventure for those Women willing to rise into their power and reclaim their sovereignty. 


How do I work?

I am a Womens Health and Performance Coach for ALL WomenYou can access my Coaching via several avenues and price points. 

Together we will build your strength and fitness to overcome injury, pain, and discomfort for a long-term, sustainable relationship with exercise and where your spiritual wellbeing is honored as much as your physical health.





Inner Wisdom


Outer Strength


Rising Fierce 

Geelong personal trainer

Connect with the community

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Client Love


I have been doing weekly PT sessions & I am absolutely loving it. I manage a chronic health condition & Louise has shown so much care in tailoring sessions to me, which feels incredibly supportive. My strength & confidence has improved tenfold. I have also loved getting to know Louise - her mindset & philosophy on health, women & life in general really aligns with me & this is what sets her apart from others. If you are looking for a holistic, supportive & professional Coach, Louise really is one of a kind.



The Eagle Soar Coaching session was exactly what I needed to instigate some structure & a framework to build back my health. The depth of knowledge Louise shared with me was great but it was the adaption of that knowledge into an individual plan that took all my needs into account, to work with my strengths & my potential weaknesses which was invaluable. For any woman who wants to truly embrace their holistic health in its entirety - connect with Louise!

"First you earn the movement, lay the foundations, then you get strong!"


- Louise Viveiros